Medifer Group

Medifer Group emerges as a strategic alliance between some of the most important actors in the fertilizer market in Spain in order to develop the synergies derived from the experience of each of its members in the various links in the chain of this important industrial sector for the development of the country.

Medifer Group wants to get to combine the capacity of its members on purchases of raw materials and certain fertilizers, thus getting competitive advantages, most of them transferred to its clients. With the creation of Medifer Group gets to extend its geographical coverage to cover all Spain and a complete portfolio whith the full range of different types of fertilizers for intensive and extensive agriculture. As the Group has several manufacturing units of solid and liquid fertilizers, it allows to offer the market costumized products according to different customer needs and different cultives.

It is worth to highlight the international focus that comes with the group, both as a platform for entry and distribution throughout the country as for exporting using the experience of some of its members in this area and also the location of one of them in the United States.